Okologsike Plants International Limited

Chili Con Chili is the slogan of our newly established chili company Okologsike Plants International Limited, based in Uganda. Okologsike Plants International Limited is an agri-business with a clear vision to export quality chilies worldwide. Our ambition is to grow and export different types of chili for both the local and international markets. Okologsike Plants International Limited is located in Kampala, Uganda, and has leased five acres on land in Kayunga district in Nalumuli, Buyumya, and Nakatovu.

Our vision is to become the biggest exporting company of locally produced organic chilis in Africa.

Our mission is to use local labor and we strive to use organic productions methods to the largest extent possible.


    • 4 – Quality Education
      • Our answer; Our ambition is to facilitate local and regional education in farming. We are committed to supporting less well-off children with elementary education in the entire region. We will deploy a donation in alignment with our long-term objectives, based on the annual financial results of Chili Con Chili. Children of all genders must be protected, and the right to an education is fundamental. 
    • 5 & 10 – Gender Equality & Reduced Inequalities
      • Our answer; We do not distinguish between religious orientation, gender, sexual orientation, or color. We offer equal work and payment based on competencies, not on personal characteristics. We support women at work and in leadership. And we believe that girls and boys are equal, and therefore must be treated equally, with equal opportunities for education and employment. 
    • 8 – Decent Work And Economic Growth
      • Our answer; We are hiring local employees, and our ambition is to facilitate long term contracts with permanent salary, pension, and insurance for each employee. We can only achieve this by operating a prudent and financially responsible business with a long-term growth strategy that benefits all parties. 
    • 12 – Responsible Consumption And Production; 
      • Our answer; Our ambition is 100% organic production. Every year we assess our methods and capabilities to improve even further. We disclose our status and actions, and we expect our business partners (throughout the value chain) to do the same. Organic pesticides and fertilization are core pillars in our production.

    The Nordics

    Tim brunn Madsen is the founder of Okologsike Plants International Limited in Uganda originating from Denmark,an  entrepreneur, digital advisor, and lecturer.



    Agolei Esther is the founder and managing director of  Okologsike Plants International Limited pursuing  a bachelor’s degree in law.



    Ayo Pauline is the administrative secretary of Okologsike Plants International Limited with a bachelor’s degree in business administration.