The value of real-world meetings

While much investigation, communication, coordination can be accomplished smoothly, efficiently and effectively online, real-world meetings and physical  presence hold a value of their own. Whether you are setting out to establish your business in Africa, you wish to explore novel markets, or you need to engage directly with local partners and stakeholders, joining a business delegation could be a great investment in your African business activities.

Joining our delegations


We are specialised in organising and conducting business delegations for Nordic companies and organisations with business interests in Africa. Over the years, we have arranged 11 business delegations to African countries with a broad variety of partners and participants. 

Our delegations are focused on:

  • Utilising and providing practical/hands-on experience.
  • Generating new business.
  • Fostering partnership and collaboration.
  • Visiting particular countries or regions on the African continent.
  • Exploring specific industries or sectors (e.g. healthcare).
  • Engaging with specific stakeholder segments (e.g. IOs & UN organisations).
  • Learning more about emerging mega trends (e.g. digitalisation).

What to expect


When signing up for one of our business delegations, you can look forward to joining a select group of peers with complementary African business interests for a targeted and efficient trip, generating value for all. 

Before the delegation, we consult extensively with the participants to facilitate optimal outcomes for all. Based on the particular needs and wishes of each participating company or organisation, we circulate pitches and presentations, canvas and communicate with local authorities, potential partners and other stakeholders, set up meetings or visits, and coordinate delegation schedules. You can expect a tailored delegation programme supplemented by relevant background information, equipping you for exploration of a new market.

While participant fees generally do not cover international/local transport, accommodation and meals incurred in connection with the delegation, we will be pleased to refer you to our partners or suggest favourable local options once you begin planning your travels.

During the delegation, you can expect:

  • Field/site/company visits.
  • Meetings with relevant local authorities, officials and representatives.
  • Individual meetings with potential local distributers/partners/clients.
  • Individual meetings with other relevant local organisations/companies.
  • Presentations from knowledgeable experts, specialists and stakeholders.
  • Networking activities and exchange with other delegation participants. 
  • Matchmaking and opportunities for making new business connections.


Upcoming delegations

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Previous delegations




Other services

If you have a suggestion or request for a specific Nordic Business Delegation, please do not hesitate to reach out and let us know. We continuously evaluate the most promising destinations and areas of focus for upcoming delegations. 

If you have specific requests related to business travel and visits in Africa, you are welcome to contact us as well. We can assist you with facilitating e.g. local matchmaking or organising e.g. partner visits in relation to your business travels. 

You can get in touch with us by contacting:

For information about how we can connect you with peers or introduce you to specific markets, please check our professional network, business clusters and business delegations. 

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CEO, Flemming Soerensen
Nordic-African Consultancy