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We believe Nordic companies can make a significant difference in Africa 



About Nordic-African Consultancy 


Nordic-African Consultancy is a Danish consultancy company specialised in Nordic-African business relations and activities. We have 20+ years of experience assisting Nordic companies in doing business on African growth markets and, to this day, work towards our goal of forging the most exciting and value-adding connections between Nordic and African business ecosystems, clusters, companies, organisations and investors.We are dedicated to realising the potential in Nordic-African partnerships and believe that Nordic companies can make a significant difference in Africa. 

Who We Are

We are your strategic partner on your path to Africa. 

We are

  • Advisors
  • Consultants
  • Sparring partners

Our promise is

  • Exchange and collaboration
  • Solid experience and hands-on engagement
  • Local approaches and global perspectives

This way, we co-create value for your business through our services. 


What We Do

We identify develop, explore and realise sustainable business opportunities for Nordic companies on African markets. 
And vice versa. 

We help you

  • Select the right market(s).
  • Formulate a sustainable business plan.
  • Develop a suitable business model.
  • Operate in African business cultures.
  • Identify & obtain external financing & funding.
  • Exchange and engage with the right partners.


How We Work


  • Facilitating network activities for Nordic and African businesses.
  • Providing targeted consultancy services to co-create value in your business.
  • Building knowledge from practitioner experience.


  • Forge bridges between the Nordics and African markets through our networks and partners.
  • Provide a gateway to relevant stakeholders.
  • Connect people and ideas. 

We create sustainable business through partnership.

Nordic-African Consultancy supports the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. To us, this always begins with a commitment to SDG 17, partnerships for the goals:

“Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development”

We wholeheartedly support efforts towards renewed and strengthened partnerships between Africa, Europe and Denmark:


Our history in a few numbers

  • 140+ seminars on doing business in Africa
  • 15+ delegations to African markets
  • Operations in 4 Nordic countries
  • 1 African office
  • Worked with 200+ members
  • … In 30+ African markets

Nordic-African Consultancy began its story in 2003. As the untapped potential and emerging business opportunities across the African continent had become too vast to ignore, the boutique consultancy company Nordekon was founded with the objective of guiding Nordic companies on their business trajectories towards Africa. During these early years, AFRICA INNOVATION NETWORK®, a leading private professional network for business interests in Africa, was launched in 2011. Likewise, we published the first Scandinavian magazine dedicated entirely to gathering inspiring business cases and  showcasing innovative approaches adopted by Scandinavian companies that had taken the leap and begun their African business adventures. 

Later, in 2018, as Nordic-African business relations had advanced and matured even further, company activities were increasingly focused on building a foundation of cross-continental and cross-sectoral business connections for the future through network facilitation, development of sectoral clusters and organisation of delegations –  in Africa and the Nordics alike. This spurred a merger of all initiatives under the AFRICA INNOVATION NETWORK® name.

In 2023, as the company emerged from years marked by a pandemic, geopolitical change and ensuing global socio-political shocks, we updated our corporate identity as Nordic-African Consultancy and relaunched all flagship company activities under separate brands. You can find additional information about our professional network, AFRICA INNOVATION NETWORK ® and our Nordic business clusters here, or learn more about our relaunched business magasine africa business insight here. We welcome new members and cases.

You can follow our activities by signing up to our newsletter or following us on LinkedIn and Youtube. For any inquiries about our services and inquiries, please do not hesitate to reach out and contact us.


Nordic businesses think sustainability in the business model and strategy









Networking, clusters and ecosystems

The people behind Nordic – African Consultancy


Mr. Flemming Sørensen
CEO, Partner (DK)
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Ms. Charlotte Gloerfelt-Tarp
Senior Consultant (DK)
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Ms. Christopher Balle 
Member of the Board  (DK)
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