Akili is a long Africa permanent vehicle for investing and re‑investing on the continent

We are a flexible investment holding and operating company that invests, builds, co–creates, and scales businesses across Africa. We have and are growing a diversified portfolio of high growth African companies.

Akili believes that the future is African, and while the continent is full of entrepreneurs and hustle, it lacks some of the systems, processes and infrastructure taken for granted in other parts of the world. Akili empowers African entrepreneurs, bringing them some of the best product, design and development expertise in the world, and the know–how of efficiently building ventures through customer development, validation, experimentation and prototyping. We’ve put together the process and infrastructure to found, incubate, invest in, and acquire ventures, and to give businesses within our portfolio a set of unfair operational and strategic advantages.

For our investors and partners, Akili offers a unique ability to invest broadly in Africa’s future, help propel its growth, solve critically important problems of the 21st century, work with great African entrepreneurs, and build generation defining value.

Akili is betting on an African century

The biggest, most predictable tailwinds for investors in the 21st century are climate change and global demographics. By the end of the century, while other countries populations get cut in half, 40% of the world will be African. And of that, Africa will make up the majority of the world’s youth, the majority of its working age population, the majority of its consumers, producers, caretakers, creators, and entrepreneurs. The future of Africa is the future of humanity. We are all invested in that future.

Accelerating the development of Africa’s ecosystems, entrepreneurs, businesses, and infrastructure is Akili’s mission. We believe it is also the greatest investable opportunity of our lifetimes.

Akili has built an investment model made for Africa

We believe that successfully putting capital to work in Africa requires a new investment paradigm that accounts for Africa’s unique cultures and developing ecosystems. Repurposing Western venture practices won’t work. Our philosophy is informed by three key principles:

Working with Capital Partners

Akili’s model involves working with capital partners of all kinds: corporates, foundations, institutional and private investors, to distribute risk and share economics across our sectors and portfolios. We do this to generate surface area for ecosystem building.

Ecosystem Building

With our own balance sheet, we finance building new products and ventures that respond to problems, opportunities, and initiatives in adjacent and supportive spaces to our portfolio. These solutions are aimed at accelerating the ecosystems our portfolio companies and projects operate in, which might otherwise not get solved.

Using our Assets and Portfolio to De–risk

Unlike most corporates, investors, foundations, and other players, we are able to operationalize our portfolio’s assets to provide scale and de–risk new opportunities we engage in with our partners.

Learn more about Akili at our website, or reach out and say hello at amit@akili.vc.

Amit Lubling