We are consultants specialised in African business contexts and hold expertise in a variety of fields. Our backgrounds are within finance and sustainable business, and we have worked extensively with international project management. In partnership, we can aid you in preparing and proofing your organisation for the future. The key words are sustainable business and Nordic-African synergies. 


We can assist your organisation at every step of the way on your path to Africa – or the Nordics. Wether you have just recentlly considered entering Africa, are now embarking on your journey or have already established your business on the African continent, we can help you explore the numerous business opportunities and untapped potential in African growth markets by: 

  1.  Selecting the right market
  2. Designing the best business model
  3. Formulating a sustainable business plan
  4. Identifying suitable local partners
  5. Operating in African business cultures
  6. Obtaining external funding

Getting started


Before you take the leap, we can guide you as to the most promising way forward for your organisation and solutions. Selecting the right market(s) in Africa is impressive. Climates, populations, languages, cultures, histories, politics, national strategies, economies, sectoral compositions, mrket sizes and needs differ, and the approaches or solutions that work in one market, might need adaption in the next. 

Our services include preliminary research to help you gain an overview, e.g.:

  •  Country profiling and assessment
  • Market research and analysis
  • Overview of competitive landscapes
  • Socioeconomic or political framework analysis

Likewise, we can support you in narrowing down options through remote/field studies, e.g.:


  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Local partner identification
  • Specific feasibility studies 


Moving ahead


Once you wish to advance on your path to Africa, we can help you exploit the market potential for your solutions and optimise your market entry or expansion. Setting up or scaling your business may be challenging in emerging markets and developing economies with unfamiliar market structures, business cultures and  


    We work methodically, carefully and diligently, while drawing on years of first-hand experience. We always take an individualised approach and provide advise tailored to your needs. We offer services within project design and implementation, across the project cycle, for market tests, pilots and longer-term projects:

        • Project conceptualisation 
        • Development of theory of change
        • Baseline studies
        • Design of interventions or initiatives
        • Formulation of project descriptions and plans
        • Determination of milestones, goals & impact objectives
        • Formulation of financial proposals & budgeting
        • Applications for funding & support
        • Project coordination & monitoring
        • Assistance with evaluation & reporting

    Likewise, we provide assistance in relation to direct exports, joint ventures and individual market penetration approaches:

        • Concept development 
        • Business model selection
        • Business plan formulation
        • Strategy development, including go-to-market strategy 

    Regardless of your approach, we offer assistance in relation to:

        • Fundraising
        • Local / project partner search
        • Contact with specialist service providers

    Ready for next steps

    We can support you and your organisation as you expand your market presence or advance your business. 

    Working with well connected and established local partners is often crucial for business success; yet identifying and accessing suitable partners can be a challenging and demanding exercise. Collaboration with the public and civil sector or local community improves the long-term viability of your business, but requires know-how and understanding of local conditions and etiquette. And while the need for business sustainability is growing, it may be difficult to transfer sustainability priorities, policies and procedures to an African business context.

    We have a wide network all over Africa, and if we do not have direct expertise or experience in house, our associates likely do. We can refer you to relevant and valuable contacts and help you access the competences you need to establish and scale your business in Africa. This way, we assist you in making the right moves at the right time. This will make your business run smoother and results come faster. 

     Our targeted services include facilitation of e.g.:

    • Partner matchmaking
    • Strategy development processes
    • Business model innovation processes
    • Formulation of sustainability policies 
    • Development of sustainability initiatives
    • Procedures for sustainability data management & reporting
    • Workshops on business cultural understanding 
    • Dialogue with local authorities
    • Contact with international organisations
    • Sparring with diplomatic representatives 
    • Investor pitches

    Other services


    We encourage you to reach out if you have specific needs or requests. You can contact us at: 

    For information about how we can connect you with peers or introduce you to specific markets, please check our professional network, business clusters and business delegations.