Investor Pitch – Business in Africa with an Impact

April 25th, 2019, Copenhagen










Investor Pitch – Business in Africa with an Impact 
April 25th. 2019 in Copenhagen
From 1.00 pm – 6.00 pm

Investor pitch by Nordic upcoming businesses in Africa – scale up your business in Africa

At this conference, we invite 3 Danish, 3 Swedish and 3 Finnish Nordic scale up businesses to pitch their business to investors, business angels, funding institutions and company leaders already doing successful business in Africa. The company pitches must demonstrate a proven concept ready to scale up in Africa. The pitch duration is 10 min. and there will be plenty of networking breaks in between all pitches. There will be no winner and no judges – all pitching companies will during the day get the change to discuss their business with the present investors, business angels and funding institutions. 

Video: Managing Director, Mrs. Trine Sig from the company “Real Relief” pitching at our first investor pitch seminar, December 13th, 2018 in Copenhagen.

At this conference it´s also possible to book one-to-one meetings with African diplomats and representatives from the African diplomatic corps. 

Coffee, water and snacks will be served during the seminar as we will have many networking breaks (also in between the pitches) enabling you to discuss and share experiences.

Target Group
Investors, Business Angels, Funding Institutions, Banking institutions, Diplomats and others interested in scaling up / expanding businesses in Africa.


Flemming Sørensen, CEO, Nordekon

Flemming will open todays seminar with some facts and figures and a warm up quiz about business in Africa and a presentation of todays programme

Jan-Cayo Fiebig, General Partner, 3B Ventures

Jan-Cayo will give us an overall introduction to Impact Investing, as well as how to build an Impact portfolio and how to measure impact and attract the right capital.

The pitching companies
– scaling up in Africa

Meet some of the most inspiring upcoming businesses – all with innovative solutions, products and concepts that make Africa leap frog and further comply with several UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG´s). The duration of each pitch is 15 min. plus QA. Between all pitches we will have sufficient networking breaks. 

Pitch 1: Pink Kehkeh (DK)

Co-founder, Mr. Jan Køhler

In Sierra Leone, the organisation “PINK POWER” is fighting for women’s equality, including bringing child prostitutes from the street to safe houses, schooling and subsequent at work. Our business model will have a huge growth potential for both women in Africa and potential investors. The girls are renting a Kehkeh (which is a small taxi) and hereby gets a new way of earning money. We are looking for the right partners as both lenders and possibly co-owners of our business model. 



Pitch 2: Eferio (DK)

Co-Founder, Mr. Jørgen Gransøe

Eferio offers a suite of technology and services covering the entire value chain from network towers to end-user handsets. Eferio is building a new telco group – established in Scandinavia but with primary focus on launching and managing local MVNEs and MVNOs in high-growth, Sub-Sahara African telco markets.

Pitch 3: Bijoux Trendy (N)

Founder, CEO Mrs. Bijoux M. Watne 

The brand Bijoux Trendy stands for a stylish woman who adores fashionable pieces that stand out with class. The Bijoux woman loves color,structure,patterns,shapes and intermixing cultural influences. Bijoux´s work has been worn by different celebrities from east Africa, Europe, America and Australia and also featured on different local African magazines.

Pitch 4: Out-Growers 

CEO, Mr. Karsten Schackinger-Solaas

Out-Growers bring traceability to the cashew nut value chain. Our vehicle is a container-based standard factory unit we can replicate and multiply. We work with 1,700 Out-Growers farmers involving them as co-owners. We retain full control over product and cash. We are green. From the normally wasted cashew shells we create CO2-negative Biodiesel. Out-Growers have been in Tanzania for 4 years. We’ve learned our dos and don’ts. Our investor should take us through funding in line with expansion – then we focus on business

Pitch 5: Aion Sigma (FI)

Founder, CEO Mr. Jari Ala-Ruona 

“Everyone has equal opportunity, to be trusted and to build trust and thereby to access public and private services. Access to information creates economic and social progress. The more financially and digitally included the people are, the more secure and transparent the societies Our mission is to progress the world by empowering the individual with our financial and digital innovations”.

Pitch 6: Ingrower® Mobile

Founder, CEO Mr. Anders Frigaard

A smartphone app helping small scale farmers improve profitability of agricultural production. The ingrower® mobile supports its users in maintaining production discipline and strengthens their business mindset. The vision of the ingrower® mobile is to gradually develop a software application facility based directly on the growers’ experience and serving to optimize a broad spectrum of African productions across the continent.


Pitch 7: Shamba AgriTech

Founder, CEO Mr. Michael Wallis-Brown

Shamba is an AgriTech Company focused on developing technology and applications to enhance the way we farm and to provide access to the best information and technology to the farming ecosystem in the developing world.


Venue, Date &  Pricing

Venue is at our partner Gouda Travel Insurance, A.C. Meyers Vænge 9, 2450 – Copenhagen SV. (Denmark). 

April 25th from 1.00 pm – 5.30 pm – 2019

Conference Partners

“We believe Nordic companies can make a significant difference in Africa” 


Nordekon Consultancy Company

Our Partners


  • You will learn about new upcoming Nordic business ideas in Africa

  • Create new collaborations

  • Networking with both the diplomatic level, investors and other business people with focus on business, sustainability and scaling in Africa