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In this section we list Nordic startups and scaleups, looking for investors to scale up their business in Africa. We are delighted to showcase a diverse range of Nordic scaleups, presenting innovative solutions and promising approaches in their African business ventures. Furthermore, most of the cases below work consistently, strategically and ambitiously with sustainability, making them relevant for impact investors and business angels concerned with sustainability. 

By pitching your scaleup on our page, you gain exposure towards potential customers or clients, suppliers and business partners as well as key stakeholders such as NGOs, institutions, investors or diplomats. This section is, however,  entirely dedicated to online elevator pitches of exciting Nordic scaleups, and aimed specifically at investors looking for promising new investments. 

Our company website has now reached more than 14.000 unique visitors a month and we are pleased to be one of the most visited sites on business in Africa in the Nordics. This makes our site one potential platform for connecting with numerous interested investors and your pitch one route to standing out from the competition.

If you are a company interested in pitching your business on our site, or if you are an investor interested in connecting with one of the pitched scaleups, please contact CEO of Nordic-African Consultancy, (Mr.) Flemming Sørensen: fls@nordic-African.com.

1) Fuzion

Fuzion leverages infinite clean fusion energy to power a wide array of internet enabling devices.

The Fuzion product range are durable solar charged power solutions with multiple Power over Ethernet outputs in a small form factor ideal for Wi-Fi hotspots, microwave radios, cellular gateways, surveillance cameras and more. The product ranges is designed for “deploy-and-forget” installations in remote areas and for operation under harsh environmental conditions.

Contact below key persons for further info:

CEO, Mr. Sean Sealey

2) MyPersonalHealthBank

Empowering patients in developing countries and people on the move by giving ownership of their health data – and healthcare providers access to health data today, leading to a better healthcare tomorrow.

Our solution is to provide all citizens/patients with a tool, My Personal Health Bank, available in a web application that will help them keep track of their most important healthcare related data, including completed and planned treatments, diagnoses, tests, medication, allergies etc., and secure safety of treatment.

Contact below key persons for further info and pitch deck

Advisor, (Mrs) Anne Mette Bang              Marked Advisor, (Mr) Thomas Ahlmann-Liisberg
amb@mypersonalhealthbank.com         tal@mypersonalhealthbank.com 

3) nOmy

Change the Game
10% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions come from food waste. In a country like Kenya it is up to 15%, while the country concurrently struggles with food shortage and malnutrition.

Afrika is experiencing explosive growth within the restaurant- and hospitality sectors, but less than 10% of employees in the sector have completed professional training. This results in lack of food safety, contamination risks, diseases, and not least food waste.

It is estimated that upwards of 40% of food products that reaches the user (restaurants and private) is wasted due to mishandling and bad practices.

We need information to be assemble and useable anywhere.

The ambition of nOmy is to make knowledge, information and training available to everyone who works with food. The aim is to make better use of raw materials and ensure a higher standard of food production everywhere.
This means using mobile phone way more then now, as a contributor to providing information and education. “We want to make the professional knowledge from vocational training in the food- and hospitality sector available to everyone with a mobile phone. With our simple online video format, everyone can gain professional knowledge and understanding of raw material handling and use with a few clicks on their screen”. 

“The idea was to create a platform that was free from all the noise, free from quick recipes and fancy chefs. It is about the techniques, understanding and better utilization of raw materials. It is a knowledge platform that is universal and is not limited to a specific type of cuisine or geographical area”.

This will increase profit and lower cost and improve the overall quality of food production, and furthermore open the job market for more people to get qualified and better jobs. From farm to fork- to business to growth. 

Contact nOmy for pitch deck and further information: CEO, Mr. Jonas Cronqvist: jonas@nomy.co

4) Impact Roasters

At Impact Roasters, we strive to deliver the highest quality coffee beans from the Ethiopian highlands – the birthplace of coffee. The company was established in 2015 by two founders: Daniel, a native Ethiopian who grew up roasting coffee with his mother since childhood, and his wife Nidzara, a Bosnian-Dane who honed her passion for coffee while living in Ethiopia from 2011-2013.

The company remains true to its roots, with both Daniel and Nidzara working on redefining the coffee industry by strengthening the human and social values connected to it. 


We buy our coffee beans directly from small-scale Ethiopian farmers, with minimal involvement from middlemen and no engagement from branch traders or agents. This way, we are 100% involved with our coffee at every step. Not only are the farmers paid a fair price, but we also aim to empower the local communities through project development. Our trade model is called Impact Trade because our goal is to have a concrete, lasting, and direct impact.

We currently run three micro coffee roasteries in Copenhagen with a roasting capacity of 150 tons of coffee per year. The coffee beans are roasted in small batches to ensure quality. Our customers can choose between a wide variety of Ethiopian coffee beans making us the experts in it. 

 At Impact Roasters we supply green beans to other roasteries and roasted coffees to both B2B and B2C customers. Besides serving coffee to our B2C customers at our micro roasteries, we also run a successful online shop.

Link to our website: https://impactroasters.dk
Contact info: CEO, Daniel Balla Halalla: daniel@impactroasters.dk

5) Kioo Drinking Water 


We have developed a Kioo Water Re-fill Kiosk operated 100 % solar (PV+Power Back up), where the users bring their used water bottle for re-fill . It means our kiosk solution can reduce the use of PET bottles and thereby reduce plastic waste and CO2 emission in big numbers.

The most important part of the technology is a newly developed system for disinfecting used water bottles , before re-filled with clean water. A combination by using our newly developed spray nozzles and an ECA water dosing.


Our sustainable concept

Our concept cleans and disinfects the bottles inside and the mouthpiece on the outside of the bottle .The unit disinfects the bottles using ECA water, a sodium chloride based solution that inactivates the bacteria by oxidation and does not require a rinse of the bottle after use. As we say – to fill clean drinking water in a dirty bottle is not making sense – after 1-2 hours the water is no longer drinking water!. So besides environmental effect (reduction of carbon emission and plastic waste) , we also improve general health. 

Challenges our Kioo Watter Re-fill kiosks are solving ;

1) Plastic pollution
2 ) Rising CO2 emissions
3) Dirty drinking water
4) Water borne diseases

With introducing and implementing our Re-fill Kiosks, we assist to solve or reduce the mentioned 4 challenges. How our tech differs from existing technologies in the market ; You can find many solutions for water kiosks (so-called water ATM ) . The main problem with these solutions are, that they do not provide a cleaning and disinfection process for the bottles or containers the water is dispensed into . Our solution provides a cleaning and disinfection process, before dispensing drinking water into the reused bottle. A simple on-site process that takes only 4-6 seconds.

Investor Pitch Deck / Contact 

Please contact us for further information and investor deck:

Managing Director, Partner,
(Mr.) Per Egede Nielsen




Video (left): Kiboo Sustainable Water Drinking Concept.  



6) Local to Global Impact 

Local to Global Impact (LTGI) connects remote working African freelancers to corporate clients worldwide. We introduce data scientists, software developers, graphic designers, social media managers, and other virtual assistants to solve your business’s biggest or smallest tasks. 

When you choose us as your outsourcing partner, you get access to unique and untapped talent across all sectors while slashing labour costs, as all our freelancers are hired by LTGI but are working under your supervision. This mitigates complicated formalities in the hiring process so that you can focus on your company’s growth. Moreover, our African Freelancers all operate within proximity to the European timezone, making it easy to delegate a task in real-time to suit your business needs.


Whether you are a startup, SME or multinational corporation needing someone to join your team, you should call us.

Contact for pitch deck or further information: 

Founder, Linda Mikkelsen: info@localtoglobalimpact.com

Website: www.localtoglobalimpact.com

7) Motorhino  

Motorhino is a Danish technology company and electrical motorcycle manufacturer, determined to accelerate the green mobility in Africa. With a production of electric RHINO motorcycles, installation and operation of Battery Swap Stations and an APP based motorcycle Taxi service in Togo, Motorhino is able to go full circle in the green mobility eco system.

We own the entire value chain from Manufacturing of motorcycle parts, to Fleet management via our Byteblocs software platform and further to green passenger mobility. This enables us to tailor our operations, to each individual marked and use case, down to the individual battery cell.

Motorhino manufactures RHINO motorcycles, operate RHINO Power Battery Swap Stations and run the electric motorcycle taxi service TaxiE. All is tied together in our own Internet of Things (IoT) management platform “Byteblocs”. Here battery swap stations and charging of batteries is supervised and monitored along with recording of ride data from the Taxi drivers and the routes and locations of the motorcycles. 

RHINO motorcycles are operated on a lease-to-own basis and enables taxi drivers to “buy” motorcycles and pay back the motorcycle with the savings from maintenance and operations, in under three (3) years. Due to a minimum of maintenance and low operations costs, the drivers can double their monthly net income by switching from gasoline- to new electric RHINO motorcycles. Electric motorcycle operation emit only 7% CO compared to comparable combustion engine motorcycles.  See more about us here: www.motorhino.dk

For further information, please contact CEO Jakob Munkgaard Andersen, jma@motorhino.dk – 53810018 or Business Development Director Maxime Adadzi – mma@motorhino.dk

8) BoaVida   

BoaVida is implementing organic farm practices, increasing local processing at the farm level and linking organic food produced by small-scale farmers to broader markets and wants to reach 20% of the relevant organic wholesale market in Scandinavia.

BoaVida links organic high-quality Tanzanian products to a wider market, especially  EU.

  • We have exported: 87 T of cashews, 3.5 T of Honey,  500kg of pumpkin seeds, and 1800 l of coconut oil.
  • Famers access a broader and better network.
  • Starting a chilli business at Highlands Organic.
  • Obtained local Food Safety certification and launched the product on the domestic market.
  • Export ready oil for Danish cosmetic customer and exported 1800 l Coconut oil.
  • More comprehensive network, market knowledge and support with, e.g. material sourcing for packing. 

Contact BoaVida and learn more:

  • www.boavida.dk

    CEO, Ms. Laila Venoe Bendsen: laila@boavida.dk

    Investor events & pitches


    We have facilitated 4 Investor Pitches and a number of Investor Breakfast Sessions for Nordic companies and (impact) investors with a focus on scaling up Nordic sustainable business activities in Africa. 

    In the video on the left, you will meet one of the pitching companies and in the video on the right, you will hear a statement from one the most experienced Norwegian Investors, Mr. Trond Riiber Knudsen, who participated as investor in our “Investor pitch seminars” in Oslo prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    We have facilitated 4 “Investor pitch seminars” and a number of “Investor Breakfast” sessions with Nordic companies and (impact) investors with focus on scaling up business in Africa. In the video (left) you´ll find one of the pitching companies and (right) you´ll find a statement from one the most experienced Norwegian Investors, Mr. Trond Riiber Knudsen, who participated as investor in our “Investor pitch seminars” in Oslo prior to the pandemic.

    68% of all the pitching scale up companies we have onboarded at our seminars have obtain their requested funding.  

    Contact CEO, Flemming Soerensen if you would like to learn how to be listed and included in our Investor environment: fls@nordic-african.com