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Connecting Nordic and South African businesses


Business delegations in 2020 


Business delegations in 2020


We are inviting existing South African ecosystems, clusters, investors and companies to become a part of AFRICA INNOVATION NETWORK®. We aim to create the foundation for what is going to be a stimulating Nordic-South African movement and inclusion, Below you´ll find links to our seminars and if you like to be part of AFRICA INNOVATION NETWORK® please contact us through the contact form in the bottom of this page. 


Seminars in 2019 



Seminars in 2020 


AFRICA INNOVATION NETWORK® is now embarking on the most ambitious network strategy to date. We do this in cooperation with our local partner InterGest South Africa.

AFRICA INNOVATION NETWORK® comply with UN Sustainable Development Goal nr. 17 “Partnerships”

“Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development”

Partnership with us

We would like to promote your business in the section below. The fee for local partnership is ZAR 30.000 (ex. VAT) a year. As partner you´re automaticaly member of AFRICA INNOVATION NETWORK® with access to any seminar in Africa and the Nordics that we arrange. Only criteria is, that your company bring value to the AFRICA INNOVATION NETWORK® members.


At Nedbank Business Banking we know that success in business is often about strong partnerships. That is why we put the importance of value-adding relationships at the centre of everything we do. Our clients’ goals are our goals, their vision is our vision, and their success is our success.

Through our bigger-picture approach, we immerse ourselves in your business and your industry so that we can be an extension of your team, with a full understanding of your business requirements. This enables us not only to provide you with the banking solutions you need, but also to give you a bigger-picture view of how our products connect to create a framework that yields maximum impact across every aspect of your business.

Add to this the insights and expertise available to you across Nedbank’s extensive network of multidisciplinary specialists, and you know that you have a banking partner backing you throughout your business journey.

Africa’s integration into the global economy is rapidly rising.

African economies are predicted to outperform global growth in 2020. While these forecasts are promising, global growers should consider including translation as a key part of their growth strategies in order to amplify expansion efforts.

Inteprit Language Solutions is a full-service content localisation agency with its focus on the multilingual needs of the global business community. We provide a dynamic environment for businesses and organizations that need to adapt to specific situations, which vary with each country and new culture they do business with. 

This presents a unique challenge to businesses who want to create multilingual versions of any combination of text, audio or video content to successfully drive marketing messaging to promote products and services, as well as encourage interaction with consumers on a regional and international level.

Our experience in working with businesses across different sectors has informed the fact that there is an ever-increasing global demand for translation and localisation services to support the successful implementation of global expansion strategies.

Advantages for Members

Knowledge sharing

Meet companies already operating in the Nordics and get valuable information about how to do business with Nordic companies and Nordic business people. 

Gateway to diplomacy

Meet South African and Nordic diplomats and learn more about the local and Nordic political framework  

Discuss business

Discuss business opportunities in the Nordics as well as in South Africa with potential clients, partners, authorities, organisations and diplomats 


It´s about knowing the right people when doing business in the Nordics and South Africa. Meet the right people with the competences you need for scaling up your business in both the Nordics and South Africa. 

Not a member yet?

Video: Networking session: “How to do do business in the Nordics” 

Video: Consultant, Sarah Skou Andreasen: “How to do do business in the Nordics” 

Business in the Nordics 


In the Nordics there is a strong focus and commitment towards green transmission, climate change and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG´s) and a sustainable and good governance in general. Below you´ll find some of the driving sectors in the Nordis: 

Motor vehicles, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, industrial machines, precision equipment, chemical goods, forestry, iron and steel, wind turbines, medical equipment, healthcare solutions, digital solutions, shipbuilding, food processing, machinery and transportation equipment, textiles and clothing, electronics, construction, furniture and other wood products, oil/offshore solutions.

Ease of doing business ranking (2020): Denmark: 4th, Norway: 9th, Sweden: 10th, Finland: 20th 
(Source: World Bank). 

Business in South Africa 


South Africa is the second largest economy in Sub Saharan Africa with a GDP on $765.5 billion. South Africa has a highly developed economy and advanced economic infrastructure facilitating a strong business environment. South Africa is one of the world’s largest producers and exporters of gold, platinum, and other natural resources. Also, it has well-developed and well-established financial, legal, communications, energy, and transport sectors. However, changing structures have simultaneously led to new rapidly growing sectors such as ICT, agriculture, mining, manufacturing, tourism, textile, financial services and wholesale and retail trade creating lucrative investment opportunities.

Ease of doing business ranking (2020): South Africa: 84th (Source: World Bank). 
(Source: World Bank). 

Business culture 


South Africa and the Nordics differ significantly in business procedures, etiquettes and norms, which are essential to be acquainted with in order to maximise chances of success when doing business. South Africa is a diverse country making it complicated to describe one business culture, however, in general the following characteristics of South African business culture differs the most from Nordic business culture; a low level of trust, hierarchical organizational structure, a slower decision-making process and less focus on punctuality. On the contrary, Nordic business cultures are in general characterised with high level of trust, a flat organisational structure, fast decision-making process and great emphasis on punctuality.

The Nordics are among the countries with lowest corruption in the world. The latest (2018) rankings are: Denmark: 1st, Sweden/Finland: 3rd, Norway: 7th, South Africa: 73rd
(Source: Transparency International). 

AFRICA INNOVATION NETWORK® the largest business network with focus on business in the Nordics and the leading Nordic consultancy company in how to do business in Africa

In South Africa we facilitate AFRICA INNOVATION NETWORK® in cooperation with InterGest South Africa 

Managing Director, Mr. Volker Werth 

AFRICA INNOVATION NETWORK in South Africa is for South African companies with focus on business in the Nordics. If you would like to apply for membership please send us a message by using the contact form.

Contact our local partner InterGest Ltd (Pty) in South Africa if you have any questions regarding AFRICA INNOVATION NETWORK in South Africa:

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