Business delegation to South Africa, March (TBA), 2025

Nordic-African Consultancy invite Nordic companies to join our Nordic “Wine Sourcing” business delegation to South Africa. The purpose is to meet with relevant South African wine producers, and hereby get a better understanding of the wine producing industry and how to do business with local wine producers in South Africa.

Programme highlights


  • Site-visit to local wine producers
  • Wine tasting and introduction to premium South African wine
  • Meetings with relevant officials / stakeholders / B2B


The fee for joining the business delegation is EURO 1,750 (per person ex. VAT) (Based on participation of 8 persons).

Not included in the price is airfare, local transportation, meals, accommodation and visa. However, Nordic-African Consultancy is ready to assist with a cost-efficient travel and accommodation offer.

    The South African wine industry

    South Africa’s wine industry presents a unique blend of long-standing tradition and innovative practices, making it ripe with business opportunities. The country’s diverse climate and geography have given rise to a variety of wines that are gaining international recognition, opening up avenues for investment and growth.

    Premium wines

    One significant opportunity lies in the premium wine segment. South African wines, particularly its Chenin Blanc and Pinotage varieties, have gained acclaim for their quality. There is potential to further explore this segment by investing in high-quality vineyards or launching premium wine brands.


    The export market is another promising area. Despite the challenges posed by global economic conditions and trade restrictions, South African wines continue to find favor in international markets such as China, the US, and the UK. Strategies that focus on building strong relationships with distributors in these markets could yield significant returns.

    Sustainable winemaking

    Eco-friendly wine production is an emerging trend globally and South Africa has been at the forefront of this movement. Opportunities exist for businesses that can successfully integrate sustainability into their operations or offer products like organic or biodynamic wines.

    Wine tourism

    Wine tourism also offers considerable potential. With its beautiful vineyards set against stunning landscapes, South Africa has all the elements needed to attract tourists looking for unique experiences. Businesses can leverage this by offering tours of vineyards or hosting tastings at wineries.

    Digitalisation & Technology

    Digital technology presents another avenue for growth within South Africa’s wine industry. From online sales platforms to virtual tastings, technology can help wineries reach a wider audience while enhancing customer experience.

    Contact / sign up

    If you would like to learn more about our sourcing delegation to South Africa and/or sign up, please contact:

    CEO, (Mr.) Flemming Sørensen
    Cell: (+45) 40994300