Diplomatic dinners & Roundtable meetings

We facilitate Nordic-African networking activities in several well-known formats: network seminars, business cluster meetings and business delegations. However, we also work with other more focused, less formal settings for in-person meetings; particularly dinners and roundtables.

While less prominent in Danish business culture, meeting to share a meal promotes different kinds of exchanges than traditional business settings. Likewise, roundtables offer unique opportunities for peers to meet with targeted agendas to discuss specific topics or share particular experiences and ideas. We continuously explore the potential in such alternative formats.


Diplomatic dinners

We organise exclusive Diplomatic Dinners for Nordic companies and the African diplomatic representations in the Nordics. At these events, companies, organisations and institutions meet and mingle with African Ambassadors and diplomats in relaxed and festive surroundings. National plans and priorities along with corporate strategies and innovations are presented, leading to improved understandings of national needs and corporate competences, new connections and potential plans for cooperation. 


We arrange roundtables for Nordic companies interested in meeting with peers and key stakeholders for in-depth discussions about particular countries, markets, sectors, projects or new developments and megatrends. 

While each AFRICA INNOVATION NETWORK® seminar explores a particular topic within a broad agenda, covering multiple perspectives, and meetings in the Nordic UN Business Cluster or Nordic Healthcare Business Cluster allow for focused sectoral exchange of experiences, Roundtables provide a hybrid format suitable for cross-sectoral meetings. 

Roundtable meetings in 2024


Join our meetings

If you would like to join our Diplomatic dinners and/or our Roundtable meetings, please sign up by contacting CEO of Nordic-African Consultancy, (Mr.) Flemming Sørensen,