“Critical Infrastructure in Africa”
April 17th, 2023 in Copenhagen  



09.45 AM: Registration
10.15 AM: Welcome 
Director of Global Development and Sustainability, Ms. Marie Gad Hansen, Confederation of Danish Industry
10.30 AM: Welcome + Business opportunities for Nordic companies in Africa
Senior Consultant, Ms. Charlotte Gloerfelt-Tarp, AFRICA INNOVATION NETWORK®

Information Communications Technology / Digital infrastructure 

10.45 AM: Company case1: Nordic eSIM (DK)
/CEO, (Mr.) Rune Holbech

11.15 PM: Company case 2: Byteblocs (DK)
/CEO, (Mr.) Jakob Munkgaard


11.45 PM: Lunch & networking 

Public health & healthcare

12.30 PM: Company case 3:  Novo Nordisk (DK)
/Global Access to Care Lead, Global Public Affairs and Sustainability, (Mrs.) Anne Sofie Westh Olsen

Transportation & Logistic 

13.00 PM: Company case 2: DSV Air & Sea (DK)
/Senior Director, Commercial, Air & Sea Denmark, (Mr.) Jesper Petersen

1.30 PM: Coffee break & networking 

Food & Agriculture 
2.00 PM: Company case 5: CT Technology (DK)
/CEO, (Mr.) Carsten Thorsen

Water & Sanitation
2.30 PM: Company case 6: AVK International (DK)
/Market Development Manager, (Mr.) Jan Ketley

3.00 PM: Networking and buzzing. There will be served beer, wine and non-alcoholic drinks.


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“We believe Nordic companies can make a significant difference in Africa”



Venue, Sign up and Price

Participants fee:


EURO 350,00 (ex. VAT) pr. person

(Members of the Confederation of Danish Industry benefit with a participants fee of DKK 500 (ex. VAT) and the participants fee will be deducted in an afterwards membership of AFRICA INNOVATION NETWORK®. Members of AFRICA INNOVATION NETWORK® participate free of charge).



Confederation of Danish Industry (DI)
H.C. Andersens Boulevard 18
1553 Copenhagen V. (City)

Critical Infrastructure – vast potential and multiple opportunities!

Across the African continent, critical infrastructure is changing in response to the needs of a growing, frequently young, population. While the development potential for critical infrastructure is particularly great in many rural areas, rapid urbanisation creates novel challenges and opportunities in heavily populated and urban areas as well. The challenges posed by climate change likewise disrupt current infrastructure while concurrently imposing great demands on future maintenance and expansion of, particularly, physical infrastructural systems. And in the current global political climate, securing e.g. supply chains and deliveries of basic goods are increasingly concerns on the agenda.

A multitude of services, assets and networks make up our critical infrastructure – from energy, water and other utilities, digital infrastructure and ICT systems, financial services or transportation to food, security, emergency services, healthcare and government services. A cornerstone of sustainable growth and development, and critical to all economic activity, every business relies on stable, well-functioning critical infrastructure. And its continuous development offers exciting investment or business opportunities across sectors.

Many Nordic companies offer capabilities, products and solutions fit for the infrastructural needs and demands in African markets. As such, the business potential in developing critical infrastructure in Africa is huge. At this seminar, we explore this potential.


At this seminar, we

  • Showcase innovative and sustainable Nordic businesses, operating across Africa, and dig into their strategies, business models and operations. 

  • Provide a forum for connecting with like minded companies or potential collaborators, regardless of where you are on your path to doing business in Africa.

  • Offer all participants an opportunity to meet representatives from the African diplomatic corps in the Nordics.


Participants are encouraged to share their practical experiences and ideas. Presentations are followed by Q&As and exchanges. Also, during the seminar, we ensure breaks for networking and discussion. Snacks, water, coffee and tea are available throughout the day. A light meal is provided as well at the seminar.

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