Eferio offers a suite of technology and services covering the entire value chain from network towers to end-user handsets. We are building a new telco group – established in Scandinavia but with primary focus on launching and managing local MVNEs and MVNOs in high-growth, Sub-Sahara African telco markets.

As our core business, we offer a combination of strategic insight, end-to-end technology, market experience and executional capacity – and through this we enable MVNOs to run their business of marketing and delivering voice, sms, data and other services to mobile subscribers.

New entrants into high-growth telco markets traditionally need extensive infrastructure, technology and financial resources – but Eferio changes this.

Mobile phones are everywhere in our daily lives. The core services that MVNOs provide to mobile subscribers are likely to remain the same for the foreseeable future, but the models for delivering these services, and the customers to which they are delivered, are undergoing change and innovation.

Eferio focuses on three types of MVNO partners that we see becoming more distinct in the market:

  • MVNOs as marketing platforms for brands. Our focus will be on specific segments, including government, lifestyle, education, faith, sports and others. Many MVNOs already monetize the wealth of customer data they collect, and the practice of selling data to third-parties is fairly well-established.
  • MVNOs for the small and medium-sized enterprises. In most markets, the vast majority of businesses are small and medium-sized enterprises. We see MVNOs targeting SMEs more and more frequently.
  • MVNOs for the Internet of Things and Machine-to-Machine. IoT and M2M communication is becoming more and more important as enabled devices spread into every aspect of our lives. The MVNO model will enable these nascent sectors to grow.


Mr. Jørgen Gransøe
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“We transform emerging telco markets with our enabling strategy”


Co-Founder, Mr. Jorgen Gransoe