Ethiopian roundtable meeting , August 15th, 2024 from 01.00 pm – 04.00 pm.


Business opportunities in Ethiopia

Nordic-African Consultancy, H.E. Ambassador Mr. Mehreteab Mulugeta Haile to the Embassy of The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia in Stockholm Sweden, and Honorary Consul Mr. Morten Holm to Ethiopia’s Copenhagen Consular Post, welcome Nordic companies interested in business / investment opportunities in Ethiopia to our Nordic-Ethiopian Roundtable meeting on August 15th, 2024.

At this roundtable, Nordic companies interested in learning more about how to realise business opportunities and manage challenges in the Ethiopian business environment, are invited to learn more about a dynamic, promising African export, sourcing or investment destination.

Business & Investment Opportunities
A fast-growing, services-dominated economy on the Horn of Africa, and an increasingly important player in regional geopolitics, Ethiopia present multiple interesting business and investment opportunities for Nordic companies.
With more than 80 ethnic groups, a growing population of 118.5 mio. people – of which 40% is below the age of 15, and the second largest labour force in Africa, the Ethiopian market is as vast as it is diverse – and following COVID-disruptions, unrest and climatic challenges, unmet demands and needs are many. Further, a wide range of international organisations, including regional organisations and UN organisations, are headquartered or represented locally, primarily in or around Addis Ababa.
Ethiopia remains an agricultural country but are in the stages of a comprehensive economic transition: Urbanisation is increasing, and number of large state-of-the-art industrial parks, which integrate entire business ecosystems or value chains and frequently run on 100% renewable energy, have been established, and electrification as well as digitalisation are significant forces in market development. Importantly, Ethiopia’s capacity for hydroenergy is massiv, and electricity prices are among the lowest in the world. Hence, the market potential is immense for Nordic companies and investors with capital and innovative solutions aimed at e.g. agribusiness and agro tech, construction, renewable energy, ICT, and digital infrastructure.
Framework conditions for Nordic companies are simutaneously improving: Public investments are rising, and ambitious policies for economic modernisation and industrial development have been passed in recent years. Politically, priority has been given to improving macroeconomic stability.

Ethiopia’s position in international commerce is poised to advance rapidly, despite credit risks and high levels of inflation. While the current trade-to-GDP ratio is relatively modest at 27% (2022), and imports far surpass exports, trade has expanded significantly on nearly all accounts. Similarly, there is important untapped potential in Danish-Ethiopian trade: Ethiopia is Denmark’s 93rd global export partner, and while technical and scientific instruments dominate exports, imports are skewed towards coffee, tea, cocao, chocolate and spices.

Address / Venue
Ethiopian Honorary Consulate in Copenhagen
c/o Holm Kommunikation A/S
Ryesgade 3F, 1st floor
2200 Copenhagen N

See agenda here: Roundtable Meeting with The Embassy of The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (TBA).

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