Roundtable meeting at the Embassy of The Republic of Ghana in Copenhagen, April 10th, 2024 from 01.00 pm – 04.00 pm.


How to do business in Ghana: Opportunities, Openness and Optimism.


Nordic-African Consultancy and H.E. Ambassador Ms. Sylvia Naa Adaawa Annoh to the Embassy of the Republic of Ghana in Denmark welcome anyone interested in business / investment opportunities in Ghana to our Nordic-Ghanaian Roundtable on April 10, 2024.

Business & Investment Opportunities 

Ghana is a key West African economy that, previous to COVID-19, experienced 4 consecutive decades of economic growth. An agrarian economy with multiple important industries such as light manufacturing and food processing and a dominant services sector, investment and business opportunities are many in Ghana. Yet, while Nordic-Ghanaian business relations have a long and rich history, and Danish companies already employ thousands of Ghanaians through their subsidiaries, the untapped business potential for Nordic companies remains significant! Among the key sectors of interest to Nordic companies are:
  • ICT & FinTech
  • Financial services
  • Renewable energy
  • Infrastructure
  • Education
  • Healthcare & Life Science
  • Agri/Agro business
  • Tourism & Hospitality
These generally overlap with the Ghana’s priority sectors for investment, which also include extraction & processing of raw materials as well as manufacturing and real estate development.

Markets & Trade 

Ghana offers a conducive business environment with several benefits.
  • Innovative capabilities are among the most advanced in Africa, overall competitiveness is fairly high, and the degree of general cluster advancement is surpassed only by Egypt in Africa.
  • The young and growing Ghanaian population hold a regionally high proportion of knowledge workers, and language barriers are minimal.
  • Among significant drivers of growth and market development are urbanisation and a advanced market for ICT; mobile and smartphone penetration rates are high, internet usage is widespread, digitalisation of government services is at one of the highest levels on the continent, and both ICT access and use are well-developed.
Ghana’s involvement in global trade is a further indicator of business opportunities stemming from economic openness.
  • While Ghanaian exports mainly consist of raw materials and intermediate goods, particularly consumer goods – but also capital goods and various intermediate goods – are imported.
  • In fact, in 2022, Ghana was the 77th most significant global export partner, and 8th  most significant African export partner of Denmark.
Further, Ghanaian markets hold business potential regardless of whether you are interested in sourcing- from or exporting to Ghana
  • The European Union has entered into an intermediate Economic Partnership Agreement with Ghana since 2016, granting 100% duty-free and quota-free access to all imports coming from Ghana, except arms and ammunition.
  • Simultaneously, tariffs on imports from the EU are partially lifted over a 20-year transition period.

Address / Venue

The Embassy of The Republic of Ghana in Copenhagen, Denmark
Egebjerg Allé 13
2900. Hellerup (Northern Copenhagen)


See agenda here: Roundtable Meeting at The Embassy of The Republic of Ghana in Copenhagen


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