Investor Pitch – Business in Africa with an Impact

December 12th, 2019, Oslo










Investor Pitch – Business in Africa with an Impact 
December 12th, 2019 in Oslo
From 1.00 pm – 6.00 pm

Investor pitch by Nordic upcoming businesses in Africa – scale up your business in Africa

At this conference, we invite 7 Nordic scale up businesses to pitch their business to investors, business angels, funding institutions and company leaders already doing successful business in Africa. The company pitches must demonstrate a proven concept ready to scale up in Africa. The pitch duration is 10 min. and there will be plenty of networking breaks in between all pitches. There will be no winner and no judges – all pitching companies will during the day get the change to discuss their business with the present investors, business angels, Impact investors and funding institutions. 

Pitch your scale up business in Africa 

At this conference it´s also possible to book one-to-one meetings with African diplomats and representatives from the African diplomatic corps. 

Coffee, water and snacks will be served during the seminar as we will have many networking breaks (also in between the pitches) enabling you to discuss and share experiences.

Target Group
Investors, Business Angels, Funding Institutions, Banking institutions, Diplomats and others interested in scaling up / expanding businesses in Africa.


Sarah Skou Andreasen, Consultant, Nordekon Consultancy Company

Sarah will open todays seminar with some facts and figures and a warm up quiz about impact business in Africa as well as a presentation of todays programme

Mr. Jørn Lein-Mathisen, Angel Investor 

Jørn will give us an overall introduction to Impact Investing, as well as how to build an Impact portfolio and how to measure impact and attract the right capital.

Mr. Arthur Sletteberg, Managing Director, NMI 

Arthur will give us a brief introduction to Nordic Microfinance Initiative and micro finance in Africa. 

Mr. Rune Fivelstad, Sales Manager, NorLense 

Rune will introduce us to innovative shelter solutions in Africa used for accommodation, field hospitals, offices, sanitary, kitchens and such. 

The pitching companies
– scaling up in Africa

Meet some of the most inspiring upcoming businesses – all with innovative solutions, products and concepts that make Africa leap frog and further comply with several UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG´s). The duration of each pitch is 15 min. plus QA. Between all pitches we will have sufficient networking breaks. 

Pitch 1: Desert Control 

CEO, Mr. Ole Kristian Sivertsen 

Desert Control is a ClimateTech company specialized in transforming deserts and restoring arid soil into fertile land. Our patented product LNC (Liquid NanoClay) is a compound that enables sandy soils to retain water and nutrients; making degraded land green again. LNC increases yield, while decreasing water usage by up to 50%. Liquid NanoClay strengthens resilience to withstand the harsh impact of climate change, while saving scarce resources like water.

Pitch 2: Farmforce

Founder, CEO, Mrs. Anne Jorun Aas

Since 2012, the team at Farmforce has innovated with digital and mobile technologies, refining our product offering collaboratively through user-driven design and iterating with clients and their field agents at the farm level. This commitment to listening to client needs and on-the-ground testing and deployments has enabled us to build a robust cloud-hosted platform, delivered by pragmatic and tenacious local teams of our experts across Africa, Asia and Latin America. We see the need and demand for ICT tools to support a more globally connected and digitized supply chain and aim to be at the forefront of this growth in emerging markets, working to provide solutions that enable smallholder farmers to realize livelihood-enhancing benefits through improved market access.

Pitch 3: Nordic Impact Fund  

Founder, Managing Partner, Mrs. Lisbeth Stausholm Zacho 

Nordic Impact Funds target businesses where positive social impact for low-income households is a result of commercial success. We see the aspiring mass market in East Africa as a compelling opportunity and we look for strong solutions to the challenges of the poor –either by the creation of jobs and opportunities for income generation or by the provision of new, affordable and highly needed products and services.

Pitch 4: nClude 

Founder, CEO, Mr. Siyanda Mthethwa

nClude is an impact company focused on using technology to create innovative and sustainable digital solutions to the solve the most intricate challenges facing rural Africa. nClude has developed various digital products and business models that put government and private companies in the forefront of innovation and aid the fight against poverty, inequality and poor service delivery. Our tailored products and solution enhance government and private sector ICT sectors to unlock their potential for efficient service delivery and enable leaders to make educated data driven decisions

Pitch 5: MTI Investment 

Investment Manager, Ms. Mai Duong

MTI Investment is an East African/Nordic investment company. Since 2012 MIT Investment has been seeking investment opportunities in Eastern Africa, and built the relational infrastructure with key stakeholders such as universities, legal advisers and local firms. What makes MTI Investment unique is their university-based approach to investing.

Pitch 6: Mekina 

Founder, CEO, Mr. Araya Lakew

Mekina is the leading online marketplace for cars in Ethiopia. It is the first of its kind in the country and it reaches more than 2,000,000 pageviews a month. It connects car buyers and sellers on its web and mobile app platforms. Ethiopia is the 2nd most populous country in Africa with more than 110 million people. Internet penetration is boosting, surpassing 18 million subscribers and online services are flourishing. In 2020 the government is opening the monopolized telecom sector, allowing two new foreign telecom service providers. This is expected to contribute to an even higher internet penetration rate. In this context, and with a fast growning middle class, Ethiopia has a high potential for scale up of online marketplaces such as Mekina.

Pitch 7: Insuject 

CEO, Founder, Mr. Ole Kjerkegaard Nielsen

InsuJect was established by diabeties device experts with experience in world- leading diabetes treatment companies. InsuJect has innovated a new insulin pen combining established mechaninsims (which it has the right to exploit) with technical innovations to develop a significantly cheaper product. The “Insuject Pen” combines a reusable unit that accurately doses insulin held in a capsule that can be refilled from vials. This eliminates the need for syringes. The benefits are: a quicker – more discrete injection, precise dosing, less training needed from healthcare professionals, easier to use leading to better treatment, lower risk of complications, similar cost and reduced hazardous waste.

Pitch 8: SoilSense 

Founder, CEO, Mr. Jesper Alkestrup

SoilSense offer soil moisture sensors together with an easy-to-use software platform and a notification system. Precision irrigation management system for permanent crop farmers in emerging markets. SoiSense built the system in a close collaboration with farmers and agricultural managers. 

Pitch 9: Simbi 

Founder, CEO, Mr. Aaron Friedland

Simbi is the only technology that motivates learners to read aloud for good. Learners understand that when they read aloud, Simbi combines the power of their voice and the text on the page to create an engaging audiovisual book that other learners can read along to globally, the most effective way to read.

After a learner reads aloud, Simbi provides teachers & parents with deep literacy data.  

5 pitching advise to the pitching companies


Please prepare your pitch decks to a maximum of 15 min. and make sure your pitch is strait to the point so there´s no doubt what your company do. Remember to:


  1. Address if you are looking for capital, advise or network – or all three components
  2. Elaborate how far your business is in Africa incl. indicative turnover / financial projections 
  3. The impact that your business has to local market(s) / Africa – including compliance to SDG´s 
  4. Highlight the power and strenght of your organisation (staff, board, investors etc)
  5. Your scalablibilty – including vision and mision 

Venue, Date &  Pricing

Arntzen de Besche, Bygdøy Allé 2, 0257 Oslo (Norway) 

December 12th, 2019 from 1.00 pm – 6.00 pm 

Conference Partner

“We believe Nordic companies can make a huge difference in Africa”


Nordekon Consultancy Company

Venue Partner

“The pace of globalisation and technological development is steadily increasing. The ability to provide advice that safeguards and enhances the value of assets depends increasingly on knowledge of changing market conditions and regulations, business networks and experience from various jurisdictions”


Arntzen de Besche


  • Learn how Nordic companies scale up in Africa 

  • Create new collaborations, partners and clients 

  • Networking with both the diplomatic level, impact and angel investors and other business people with focus on impact and sustainable business in Africa

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