JobnetAfrica is an international recruitment and head hunting agency with a network of over 35.000 international professionals looking for an opportunity to live and work in Africa, have done this before or already do. We are based in the Netherlands and South Africa, our team exists of Africa experts. Since we started in 2011 JobnetAfrica has developed a large Africa related network in and outside of Africa. Our clients are mainly of European origin, doing business in Africa. We work across all sectors and cover all African countries.

The services we offer can be summarised as below, but please feel free to contact us on any African HR related inquiries. We have a huge network and might just be able to help you connect.

1. International (expat) headhunting and recruitment
2. Local searches
3. HR Consultancy
4. Additional services like payrolling, immigration and salary surveys
5. Note our website also functions as a job board where jobs can be advertised

The Netherlands and South Africa

Mrs. Inez Willeboordse
Managing Partner
Tel: +31 (0)20 8943009
Mob: +31 (0) 6 81018924 (Whatsapp)
Mob: +27 (0) 6 36336188
Skype: Inez JobnetAfrica