Nordic innovative businesses in Africa


May 23rd, 2019, Oslo


Under the heading “Nordic innovative businesses in Africa” this seminar focuses on innovative, sustainable businesses with an impact in Africa



Nordic innovative businesses in Africa, May 23rd, 2019 in Oslo 
From 1.00 pm – 6.00 pm


In the Nordics we have lots of business solutions, concepts and products that are suitable needed in Africa. The seminar highlights some of the most innovative and sustainable businesses with focus on penetrating their business models in Africa. 

At the seminar it´s also possible to book-one-to-one meetings with the African diplomats and representatives from the African diplomatic corps.

Coffee, water and snacks will be served during the seminar as we will have many networking breaks enabling you to discuss and share experiences.

Target Group
Companies operating in Africa, healthcare industry, ICT solutions to the healthcare sector, Investors, Business Angels, Funding Institutions, organisations working in the healthcare industry in Africa, logistic companies, distributors, Diplomats and others interested in doing business in Africa.


Flemming Sørensen, CEO, Nordekon (DK)

Flemming will open todays seminar with facts and figures, complemented with a warm up quiz about business in Africa. He will also present today´s programme and a short presentation of AFRICA INNOVATION NETWORK and the ambition behind

Mehraz Rafat, Senior Advisor, NORAD

Mehraz will introduce us to NORAD´s operations in Africa and hereby the services and funding instruments that NORAD provides to Norwegian businesses looking at the African markets

The speaking companies

– Innovative businesses in Africa

Meet some of the most inspiring and innovative Nordic companies that make Africa leap frog with their solutions, products and services in Africa and further comply with several UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG´s). Learn also how to sell, distribute and produce your products in Africa. 

Todays speaking companies have operations in more that 15 countries all over Africa.  

We believe Nordic companies can make a significant difference in Africa

Anne-Marthe Hellgren

Partner, CEO (Norway), Nordekon

Speaking company 1:
Real Relief (DK)

Managing Director, Mrs. Trine Sig 

“It is our promise to help alleviate the effects of poor health, poverty, natural disasters, acts of war and climate change. By making innovative and affordable life improving products and services available to governments, relief agencies, NGO´s, faith-based organizations and private sector donors we are determined to making a real difference for people in real need” 

Speaking company 2: 
MTI-Investments (N)

CEO, Mr. Pontus Engstrøm 

MTI Investment is an East African/Nordic investment company. Since 2012 MIT Investment has been seeking investment opportunities in Eastern Africa, and built the relational infrastructure with key stakeholders such as universities, legal advisers and local firms. What makes MTI Investment unique is their university-based approach to investing. 

Speaking company 3:
Vipicash (N)

CEO, Founder Mrs. Meryn Willets 

VipiCash enable people to access the same opportunities, no matter where they are. VipiCash have two objectives: To have a societal impact and a profitable business which allows them expand their reach and support socially powered causes. VipiCash believe that both are fundamentally important as being profitable will allow them to scale their positive impact, continue to innovate and stay competitive.

Speaking company 4:
Red Flash (S)

CEO, Mr. Hans Becker 

Red Flash is a Swedish tech company that helps to migrate the informal sector to the formal by digitizing information and financial transactions by collecting tax in local community. Red Flash also cooperates with local authorities. Red Flash is part of the second tech-wave, introducing innovative fintech services based on established infrastructure as well as on the latest cloud based open source solution.

Speaking company 5:
Emata (N)

CEO, Mr. Marius Koestler 

Bringing financial products to farmers across East Africa. Emata will allow farmers to use the power of loans to invest in the productivity of their farms.

Speaking company 6:
Amalipo (DK)

CEO, Mr. Thomas Marshall 

Amalipo impacts growth opportunity for businesses in Africa. They provide a B2B platform which resolves existing barriers for cross border payments and e-commerce.

Venue, Date &  Pricing

Arntzen de Besche, Bygdøy Allé 2, 0257 Oslo (Norway) 

May 23rd, 2019 from 1.00 pm – 6.00 pm 

Conference Partner

“We believe Nordic companies can make a huge difference in Africa”


Nordekon Consultancy Company

Venue Partner

“The pace of globalisation and technological development is steadily increasing. The ability to provide advice that safeguards and enhances the value of assets depends increasingly on knowledge of changing market conditions and regulations, business networks and experience from various jurisdictions”


Arntzen de Besche


  • Learn how Nordic companies successfully do business in Africa 

  • Create new collaborations, partners and clients 

  • Networking with both the diplomatic level, investors and other business people with focus on business, sustainability, distribution in Africa