Nordic business delegation to Ethiopia / Sourcing in the textile industry, May 6th – 8th, 2024

Entering the large textile Ethiopian market  

Nordic-African Consultancy and The Danish Chamber of Commerce in Denmark invite Nordic companies to join our “Nordic Sourcing in the Textile Industry Business Delegation” to Ethiopia, May 6th – 8th (5th – 9th including travel dates), 2024. The purpose of the delegation is to provide a local market for sourcing in the textile industry introduction to Nordic companies interested in sourcing textile, design, and garmin to kickstart new Nordic-Ethiopian partnerships.


The price for participating will soon be set after the funding application process.

During this delegation, participants will be provided individualised programmes and opportunities to explore relevant business opportunities for their products and solutions while exchanging with peers and exploring the local textile market.

Textiles, garments & apparel in Ethiopia

n a time where the global economy and international trade is marked by changing geopolitical landscapes, post-pandemic disruptions and other economic shocks, international business is changing. As global value chains may shift from locations in Asia and towards novel sourcing destinations, exploring opportunities for building and deepening Nordic-African value chains is worth the effort for Nordic companies. 

The United Nations project that sub-Saharan Africa will have the highest growth in working-age population anywhere over the next 20 years. This massive labour pool has attracted the attention of international business, including in the fashion and apparel sector. Along with Kenya, Ethiopia has been highlighted as a promising destination in East Africa; a region projected to become a new global hub for apparel production and sourcing. Particularly, Ethiopia, has been emerging as a textiles and garments center in the region: While other African manufacturing-intensive economies have faced some challenge attracting foreign investment and improving export performance, with industrial labour costs similar to or relatively higher than labour costs in countries at similar development or income levels, Ethiopia has stood out and positioned itself as a potential cost-competitive manufacturing platform. In addition, Ethiopia might hold potential as a raw materials producer in light of its 3.2 million hectares of underutilised land, suitable for cotton production. 

The business climates and operating conditions facing foreign companies in the region however, warrant improvement through broad stakeholder collaboration to realise the full economic potential of these industries. Likewise, measures aimed at skills development, labour productivity increases, and improvements in the supply of essential manufacturing inputs could boost manufacturing competitiveness as well as the economic attractiveness of Ethiopia and its neighbouring countries as sourcing destinations. Hence, there is significant potential for Nordic companies to engage in sustainable sourcing activities, using responsible business practices and partnerships as levers for local development and capacity-building. 

Ethiopia  has emerged as the largest African textile industry. The country offers a young and growing population, as well as a huge labour force and a key roil in the textile industry, 

Entering the Ethiopian entails a vast potential for Nordic textile companies companies offering high-quality skills and production facilities. Participants joining this delegation will get a unique opportunity to meet with key Ethiopian textile representatives and local stakeholders, connect with potential local business partners and collaborators, and gain first-hand insights into market conditions, developments and trends.

During this delegation, participants will be provided individualised programmes and opportunities to explore relevant business opportunities for their products and solutions while exchanging with peers and exploring the local market.


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There is a limited number of spots available. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions, wish to learn more about the delegation or sign up. 


(Mr.) Flemming Sørensen,

(Ms.) Charlotte Gloerfelt-Tarp,

(Mr.) Michael Bremerskov Jensen
Senior Advisor, The Danish Chamber of Commerce

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Tentative programme:

DAY 1 (May 6th)

8.00 am: Welcome & Breakfast at the hotel

10.00 am: Matchmaking between the Nordic & Ethiopian companies. 

6.00 pm: Mutual dinner 

DAY 2 (May 7th)

8.00 am: Breakfast at the hotel

9.00 am: Individual Nordic & Ethiopian meetings around Addis Ababa (own transportation). 

6.00 pm: Mutual dinner 

DAY 3 (May 8th)

8.00 am: Breakfast at the hotel

9.00 am: Fieldvisit (tbc) + potential embassy visit (tbc)  

4.00 pm: Departure (airport)