Nordic UN Business Cluster meeting, December 7th, Copenhagen


  • What presence does the UN currently have in Africa?
  • What UN agencies and organisations are most widely represented in African countries?
  • What African countries are hosts to the broadest UN representations? 

At the next meeting in our Nordic UN Business Cluster, on December 7 2023 at the premises of Nordic-African Consultancy, we present an updated mapping of the UN in Africa. We briefly go through the big picture of UN representation in African countries and present members with mapping of UN country teams in all African countries.

At this end-of-year meeting, we likewise discuss topics for upcoming cluster meetings in 2024 and evaluate the previous year. 

If you wish to learn more about the UN system, are curious about buyers and suppliers in UN procurement or seek to exchange with peers doing business with the UN, we invite you to join the cluster at this next meeting.

For more information and sign up, please contact Flemming Sørensen, CEO, Nordic-African Consultancy, at: