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One set of hurdles to overcome for Nordic companies doing or wishing to do business in Africa is gaps in local infrastructure, supply chains and business ecosystems. One way to bridge these gaps, realise the full local market potential and build a foundation for fruitful collaboration with local partners is the adoption of value chain approaches. Entering African markets in business consortia or partnerships spanning the value chain is less common than individual entry, but can provide numerous benefits: Complementary products or services may lead to innovative new solutions and business synergies can facilitate smoother market penetration. This is particularly so in developing economies or emerging markets.

We can organise pitches for Nordic companies searching for value chain partners in connection with entry, expansion or diversification in African markets. This allows your company to skip extensive searches for like minded businesses, get inspired, and get the conversation started.

A further barrier facing many Nordic companies when entering Africa is accessing financing and venture capital. Entry into countries with higher risk assessments or unfamiliar markets might restrict access to the necessary guarantees, loans or investments. Novel solutions and business models may be met with investor caution. These challenges persist in frontier markets and emerging sectors.

To facilitate meetings between companies or projects searching for funding and investors offering risk-willing capital to promising business ventures, we can organise investor pitches – for individual companies and consortia alike. Also, we encourage you to visit our Investor Pitches section, where frontrunner Nordic companies interested in engaging with investors, pitch their business.   

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If you are looking for a tailored, individual solution, we are pleased to discuss the opportunities for facilitating matchmaking events or pitch meetings for your company and business partners. If you have a suggestion or request for a specific, Pitch or other matchmaking event, please do not hesitate to reach out and let us know.

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