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Looking into the future of business, Nordic-African partnership could and should be a bright beacon. This is a core message of Nordic-African Consultancy. 

The African continent is already home to some of the interesting developments, exciting business opportunities, and promising markets. And in the coming decades, the continent will be home to ever more key stakeholders – from competitors to collaborators or customers. Across African countries, certain megatrends and similarities are ubiquitous: A growing, young population, urbanisation, digitalisation, technological leapfrogging and innovation, creative and inventive business models, valuable resources and numerous, important unmet needs and demands. Another commonality is a central role to be played by the private sector in furthering sustainable development, particularly in concerted efforts with key players – e.g. public-private partnerships, cross-sectoral collaborations and consortia spanning the value chain. And regardless of country or sector, local ownership and capacity-building as well as tailored, responsible and responsive solutions are tenets of sustainable business. 

You cannot look to the future without regarding Africa.

You can book us to provide an introduction to the new world of business in Africa. Whether you wish to get the conversation about business potential in Africa started in your company, need a speaker for your event or could use a new perspective in your teaching, you are welcome to reach out and inquire about the possibilities.




We do presentations about doing business in Africa tailored to the needs of you, your business and your organisation. Perhaps you would like a general introduction to the business opportunities and market potential in Africa, a starting point to kick off internal strategy discussions or a set of activities to inspire next steps in market expansion. Or perhaps you plan to advance your work with sustainability and ensure responsible business activities. Regardless of your specific needs and how far along you are on your path to Africa, we will be pleased to discuss giving a presentation or facilitating strategy workshops at your premises. We are experienced in organising workshops as well as internal strategy development processes. If you need a speaker at your event, conference or talk about business in Africa, you’re welcome to reach out. We have more than 15 years of experience with arranging professional, cross-sectoral seminars and offer overall introductions to business in Africa as well as more focused deep-dives into particular trends, sectors and regions or countries.  

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We need updated, nuanced and pragmatic narratives about Africa and doing business on the African continent to replace the occasional overly simplistic tales of the past. African business environments are complex and so should our understanding of them be. 

We believe that simultaneously recognising the growing prominence of African markets, the immense opportunities in these markets and the significant challenges that remain is key to realising the full business potential in Nordic-African partnership. Realising this potential will require development of future-fit and sustainable business solutions, catering to the complex needs of African consumers and societies, by the brains of tomorrow. This is why we work to incorporate updated understandings of African realities in educational settings.

You can book us for presentations or facilitation of workshops, exercises and assignments on business in Africa and Nordic-African business potential. We have extensive experience with e.g. guest lecturing at Danish Universities or hosting classes for field visits and out-of-classroom lessons. And we’ll be pleased to discuss how we can add to your classes, courses or training modules. 

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Other services


If you are working with the new world of today and tomorrow in relation to African business developments and require a targeted contribution, we would like to hear from you. In example, our experiences in African markets and messages about African business realities have been featured in Danish media. If you require a practitioner or expert point of view, you can get in touch with us at: