Strategic and operational advice on business in Africa

March 12th, Oslo

At this seminar you will learn more about the companies strategy in Africa. The company speakers will elaborate on and discuss their business cases, learnings and long term strategy in Africa. Experts from Arntzen de Besche, Nordekon Consultaing Company as well as the participants at the seminar, will give feedback and strategic/legal advice on business in Africa. 

Get strategic advice and expert knowledge about your business in Africa.


This is a call for Nordic companies in all sectors, seeking (free of charge) strategic and operational advice on business development in Africa at our next seminar, March 12th, 2020 in Oslo. In cooperation with experts from Arntzen de Besche, Nordekon Consultancy Company and the participants at the seminar, you will get strategic and operational advice and knowledge about how to scale up and further penetrate the African markets. As speaker you´ll present your company expansion strategy in Africa and get valuable insights and advice from the relevant experts and seminar participants.


March 12th, 2020 in Oslo

01:00 pm


01:15 pm


Mrs. Sarah Skou Andreasen, Consultant, Nordekon Consultancy Company 

01:30 pm

Laywer, Mr. Ole Kirkvaag, Arntzen de besche

01:45 pm
Strategy case 1 

CEO, Mr. Tor Stolpestad, Oisann Engineering
We will here more about Oisann Enginnerings strategy
and challenges in Africa, and we´ll discuss how to move on.

Company cases

Meet the speaking companies

Company case 2
Company case 2


Oisann Engineering
Oisann Engineering

CEO, Tor M. Stolpestad

Company case 3
Company case 3



The speaking companies are amongst the leading Nordic businesses with a significant scale up potential in Africa. At this seminar the companies will share their strategic and operational challenges and solutions for further discussion amongst the participants.  


Meet our experts on business in Africa 

Mr. Flemming Sørensen
Mr. Flemming Sørensen

CEO, Nordekon Consultancy Company

Advise on: Finding the right partner, African countries to penetrate, connecting the right people, strategy

Mr. Ole Kirkvaag
Mr. Ole Kirkvaag

Lawyer, Arntzen de Besche

Advise on: Legal issues about oil/offshore/tax and general governance structure

Mrs. Sarah Skou Andreasen
Mrs. Sarah Skou Andreasen

Consultant, Nordekon Consultancy Company

Advise on: Cultural awareness, local partnerships, digitalisation, SDG, country analysis, strategy 


The experts present at today´s seminar have technical, legal, operational and and strategy experience. 

Mrs. Cecilie Camilla Lindstrøm
Mrs. Cecilie Camilla Lindstrøm

Consultant, Nordekon Consultancy Company

Advise on: External founding, applications, project management

Venue partner:


Arntzen de Besche

Bygdøy Allé 2 
0204 Oslo 

Date &  Participation fee


March 12th, 2020 from 01.00 am – 5.30 pm 


  • Learn how Nordic companies do business in Africa 

  • Create new collaborations, partners and clients 

  • Networking with both the diplomatic level, investors and other business people with focus on business, sustainability, scale up and distribution in Africa

SIGN UP - Strategic and operational advise on Africa, March 12th, 2020 in Oslo