“Sustainable Sourcing in Africa”
December 12th, 2023 in Copenhagen  


09.45 AM: Registration

10.00 AM: Welcome & Introduction to the The Danish Chamber of Commerce
/(Mr.) Michael Bremerskov Jensen, Senior Advisor, The Danish Chamber of Commerce  

10.20 AM: Welcome & Introduction to AFRICA INNOVATION NETWORK®
/ (Mr.) Flemming Sørensen, CEO & Partner, Nordic-African Consultancy

10.30 AM: Introduction to seminar topic.
/ (Ms.) Charlotte Gloerfelt-Tarp, Director, Nordic-African Consultancy

Sustainable Sourcing in Africa

10.40 AM: Company case: Molly´s Heart
/ (Ms.) Founder, CEO Birgitte Frost Mathiesen

11.05 AM: Company case: AAK
/ (Mr.) Sourcing Director, Henrik Vingaard

11.30 AM: Company case: OI-Scanthor Africa 
/ (Mr.) CEO, Frederik Thor Larsen

Lunch & Networking

12.00 PM: Lunch & networking

Sustainable Sourcing in Africa

12.30 PM: Company case: DSV Air & Sea.
/ (Mr.) Senior Director, Commercial, Jesper Petersen, Air & Sea Denmark

1.00 PM: Company case: WIIK & CO.
/ (Mr.) COO, Rasmus Wiik

1.30 PM: Company case: Impact Roasters
/ (Mr.) CEO, Daniel Halalla


2.00 PM: Coffee break & Networking

Sustainable Sourcing in Africa

2.15 PM: Company case: BoaVida
/ (Ms.) CEO, Laila Venø Bendsen


2.45 PM: Takeaways

After the programme, we encourage all participants to stay for networking and buzzing.


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We are the Danish Chamber of Commerce!

Danish Chamber of Commerce is the network for companies within Retail, Service, IT, Transport, Tourism and Health industries in Denmark. We are one of the largest business organizations in Denmark with more than 375 employees and offices in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Brussels and New York.

Venue, Sign up and Price

Participants fee:


EURO 350 ex. VAT pr. person.

(Participants fee will be deducted in an afterwards membership of AFRICA INNOVATION NETWORK®. Members of AFRICA INNOVATION NETWORK® participate free of charge).


The Danish Chamber of Commerce
DK-1217 København K


Nordic companies may revisit their international value chains in the years ahead. With changing geopolitical realities and a global economy marked by recent years’ numerous shocks, the landscape for international business is changing!

Globally, demand has exceeded supply in a variety of fields, from raw materials to technological products, resulting in market imbalances. Following COVID-19, logistical disruptions and challenges have affected international trade and supply chains. And as new national or regional players redefine their roles in global value chains, market potentials and business opportunities continue to evolve. Despite hypothesised shifts in international business operations, there is little evidence of friendshoring, nearshoring or similar concentrations/reorientations of trade and investment flows among Nordic companies. Danish companies continue to internationalise, and national trade intensity reached an all-time high in 2022.

Yet, Danish trade with African countries remains limited and African trade partners relatively underrepresented. Among the 100 most significant Danish export markets in 2023, just 14 countries were African, and the 10 largest Danish export markets in Africa account for just a few percent of all Danish export revenue. The picture is similar for imports, with the value of Danish imports from Africa remaining relatively modest and imports concentrated chiefly in particular product groups such as raw oils and minerals, feeds, fish, coffee, cacao, fruits and seeds.

While trade and investment flows are yet to rech their potential, the unexploited business opportunities and possibilities in African markets are many. Similarly, while entering African markets and building cross-continental value chains can generate significant payoffs, challenges will arise and the learning curve will be steep. At this seminar, we explore the sourcing side of the equation and deep dive into the topic of sustainable sourcing in Africa. We highlight interesting industries and promising sectors across Africa, discuss upstream potentials in Nordic-African value chains, and showcase how Nordic companies engage in sourcing from African markets. Further, we discuss core business integration of sustainability requirements and demands.


At seminar, we:

  • Explore key potentials, trends, developments, opportunities and challenges related to Nordic-African business operations.
  • Showcase innovative and sustainable Nordic businesses, operating across Africa, and dig into their strategies, business models and external funding.
  • Provide a forum for connecting with like minded companies or potential collaborators, regardless of your current stage of doing business in Africa.
  • Offer all participants an opportunity to meet representatives from the African diplomatic corps in the Nordics.


Participants are encouraged to share their practical experiences and ideas. Presentations are followed by Q&As and exchanges. During the seminar, we ensure breaks for networking and discussion. Snacks, water, coffee and tea are available throughout the day. A light meal is provided as well.

Sign up:

Director, AFRICA INNOVATION NETWORK®, Ms. Charlotte Gloerfelt-Tarp: