Tourism & Hospitality Cluster in the Nordics 

For companies doing business in the Tourism & Hospitality industry in Africa

Companies in the Nordics that are, or would like to, doing business in the Tourism & Hospitality industry in Africa can join our AFRICA INNOVATION NETWORK® Tourism & Hospitality Cluster. We have min. 4 meetings a year in the Nordics and Africa. 


Penetration in Africa 


Focus on African countries

We gather Nordic companies and organisations with focus on business in the Tourism & Hospitality industry

How to do business in the Tourism & Hospitality industry in Africa

Tourism is one of the most important and impactful industries in Africa. Globally, Africa has the most fast-growing tourism industry compared to other continents. The business areas of African tourism and hospitality are manifold, including (but are not limited to) coastal tourism, city tourism, business and meeting tourism, and nature tourism. Global travel trends, such as eco-tourism, smart tourism (including Big Data and ICT) and sustainable tourism development, enable latent business opportunities for Danish and other Nordic companies. The cluster seeks to create a valuable business bridge between the Nordics and Africa (and vice versa) with a wide member base, including public and private tourism organisations, agencies, service, experience- and consumer good companies, and academic institutions in the Nordics and Africa. Therefore, we also invite IT companies and other businesses that wish to connect with the tourism and hospitality industry in Africa.

The tourism and hospitality cluster focuses on:

  • Sharing knowledge/insights/experiences, including learning about fast-moving travel trends, domestic and world tourism systems, functional changes and other transformations impacting tourism and hospitality in Africa.
  • Creating new strategic partnerships to form unique competences, optimally use the resource potential and create USPs.
  • Identifying new business opportunities between businesses that normally do not collaborate with each other.

With a focus on the power of collaborative design and engaging design methods, the meetings in the tourism and hospitality cluster seeks to create useful insights that enable you to explore business ideas, create and test new solutions and services locally in Africa, and make better decisions. 

 Meeting duration

We will have min. 4 meetings a year. Meetings are from 1 pm – 3.30 pm. Meeting will be held in Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm and Helsinki as well as in different African cities. 

Annual fee / Venue

Members of AFRICA INNOVATION NETWORK® : Free of charge
Non-members: EURO 1500 (ex. VAT) a year (each company) 

Venue: TBA

Kickoff meeting

Our kickoff meeting will be held on TBA, 2020 in Copenhagen.

Contact person

Our senior Consultant and Tourism specialist, Ms. Tanja Knoblauch Nielsen, PhD: 

Ms. Tanja Knoblauch Nielsen, PhD


Tanja has an educational background in International Tourism and Hospitality Management and holds a PhD from the University of Southern Denmark with a special focus on Smart Tourism and Co-design, which includes topics such as Big Data, Open Data and ICT in Tourism and Hospitality development. Tanja´s ambition is to establish and develop an engaging and valuable Tourism & Hospitality Cluster with focus on Nordic companies connecting with tourism in Africa and collaborating with local stakeholders.

First meeting(s)


Kickoff meeting in Copenhagen

At this very first kickoff meeting we´ll meet in Copenhagen. Address will be announced shortly. 

AFRICA INNOVATION NETWORK® Tourism & Hospitality Cluster is for companies and organisations that would like – or already do – business in Africa to apply for membership of our Tourism & Hospitality Cluster, please send us an message by using the contact form. Contact Ms. Tanja K. Nielsen:


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