UNLOCK YOUR BUSINESS POTENTIAL  – Where are the business opportunities in Africa? seminar November 16th, 2017 in Copenhagen

Unlock your potential – Where are the business opportunities in Africa?

We welcome you to this AFRICA INNOVATION NETWORK seminar “Unlock your potential – Where are the business opportunities in Africa?” in Copenhagen.

This seminar will focus on how companies can start business, sell, produce and distribute their products, concepts and services throught out Africa. We will present 6 company cases that each and all have started business in Africa. Todays programme present company cases and stories from all over Africa and from 6 different sectors. The company cases that are presented today will cover more than 50 operations and business adventures all over Africa.

Target group

This seminar target companies from all sectors that offer goods, products, concepts and solutions to the African market, covering a minimum of 6 African markets/countries.


Video: Sales Manager, Mr. Daniel Klitgaard, Vestfrost Solutions


1.00 pm: Registration

1.10 pm: Welcome and presentation of the programme
– Nordic companies in Africa – where do they do business?

1.30 pm: Company case 1: Ogojiii (www.ogojiii.com)
Managing Director, Mr. Jens Martin Skibsted
– Where is Ogojiii in Africa
– Do´s and don´ts

2.15 pm: Company Case 2: Danmarin (www.danmarin.dk)
CEO, Mr. Rajiv Banerjee
– Trading fish in Africa
– Do´s and don´ts

2.45 pm: Company case 3: Vestfrost Solutions (www.vestfrostsolutions.com)
Sales Manager, Mr. Daniel Klitgaard
– Why Africa is a very attractive continent
– Scaling in the future

3.45 pm: Company case 4: SwipBox (www.swipbox.com)
Founder and Chief Business Development Officer, Mr. Henrik Gedde Moos
– How to expand rapidly in Africa in short time
– Smart logistic solutions
– Do´s and don´ts

4.45 pm: Company case 5: Bluetown (www.bluetown.com)
Vice President, Partnerships & Alliances, Mr. Mogens Birk
– Free wifi spots all over Africa
– Our business model and scaling
– Do´s & don´ts  

5.30 pm: Company case 6: Unumed (www.unumed.com)
CEO, Chairman, Mr. Henrik Albertsen
– How to support a refugee camp
– Unumed healthcare solutions to Africa

6.00 – 7.00 pm: Networking
None-alcoholic drinks, wine and beer will be served.

Coffee, water and snacks will be served during the seminar as we will have many networking breaks enabling you to discuss and share experiences.

Video: Vice President, Mr. Mogens Birk, Bluetown

Video: CEO and Founder, Mr. Henrik Gedde Moos, SwipBox

Video: Managing Director, Mr. Jens Martin Skibsted, Ogojiii



Ogojiii (www.ogojiii.com)
Ogojiii is a magazine and branded content agency that showcases the essence of two insights. That cutting edge design is found in Africa and all types of design are important to achieve a better future. Ogojiii (oh-go-gee). Ogoji with one “i” is the Yoruba word for “40”. We have added the Roman numerals ii to make 42, the Akan calendar cycle and our cycle of things

Danmarin (www.danmarin.dk)
Kangamiut seafoods which is the owning company of Danmarin is one of the biggest and highly respected companies in EU dealing with frozen fish and seafood . Kangamiut Seafood A/S provides the customers with fresh frozen, high quality fish and seafood products. Kangamiut Seafood A/S works very closely with both our suppliers and customers in order to assure that their products are quality controlled according to customers’ standards and requirements. As part of their focus on quality assurance and traceability, Kangamiut Seafood A/S also offer consulting services with emphasis on process development and optimization. Kangamiut Seafood A/S is located in the Northern part of Jutland, Denmark

Vestfrost Solutions (www.vestfrostsolutions.com)
Vestfrost Solutions is a global developer and manufacturer of innovative and efficient refrigerators and freezers for the professional market. A/S Vestfrost was founded in Esbjerg, Denmark in 1963 with one vision in mind: To create the world’s best refrigerators and freezers. After gaining worldwide recognition through half a century with sales exceeding 15 million units, the vision remains the same, while our business model has been sharpened. The core of Vestfrost Solutions is to create customer-driven refrigerators and freezers by utilizing our team of cooling technology experts and market specialists. This enables us to offer solutions that consider more aspects at once: the commercial side, the needs of the end user, and sustainability of the environment.

SwipBox (www.swipbox.com)
SwipBox operates the SwipBox system, which is a concept that makes it quick and easy for customers to receive and send shipments. SwipBox offers a comprehensive, turnkey first and last mile solution on a pay pr. parcel basis. The automated SwipBox solution can be used for delivery and returns with fulfilment from store or by a logistic partner. The concept is based on a high degree of self-service and advanced software. SwipBox currently operates in 30 countries worldwide – 5 of these are in Africa.

Bluetown (www.bluetown.com)
The core of the BLUETOWN solution is a base station powered 100% by solar energy. The base station establishes a Wi-Fi hotspot with a range of up to one kilometer in diameter. The hotspot is connected to the internet by existing infrastructure such as microwave link and fiber, or by satellite, balloons or drones, bringing connectivity to even the most secluded areas of the world. And because the solution is based on Wi-Fi, people can browse the web, stay in touch, or participate in educational programs using any smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Unumed (www.unumed.com)
Unumed is an international organisation aiming to change healthcare through innovative medtech solutions. Handling sensitive patient data requires the highest standards when it comes to cyber security, encryption, anonymisation and data storage. Unumed has a simple mission: Provide the best health software system to African, Middle Eastern and Asian health care facilities. To accomplish this mission we have designed and developed a unique hospital management system for all levels of health facilities. The system is user-friendly, affordable and integrated, and provides real-time information on facility performance.

Thursday, November 16th, 2017 at 1.00 pm

Radisson Blu, Scandinavia Hotel
Amager Boulevard 70, 2300  Copenhagen S. Denmark.

Members: Free of charge

Non-members: EURO 350 (ex. VAT) each person

Please register at: fls@nordekon.com




  • You get knowledge about how companies produce and sell their products to the B2B and B2C segment in Africa

  • You will learn how other companies are doing successfully business in Africa

  • Start an ongoing networking journey with both the African diplomatic level and other companies operating in Africa