“Urbanisation in Africa – business opportunities for Nordic companies” – August 22nd, 2024 in Copenhagen

Urbanisation in Africa

Africa has the fastest continental urban growth in the world.
 The continent’s population is projected to double between now and 2050. Two-thirds of this growth will be absorbed by urban areas and, in the next 30 years, cities will be home to an additional 950 million people. Africa’s cities are the most rapidly growing cities in the world; they are the youngest and they are changing fast. Their impact on Africa’s economic, social and political landscape in the coming decades is likely to be profound. Urbanisation, therefore, presents immense opportunities to accelerate progress towards the UN 2030 and AU 2063 sustainable development agendas and promote continental integration in the context of e.g. the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA). For African sitizens, entrepreneurs, and policy makers, urbanisation also entails significant challenges in planning, managing and financing green and inclusive urban growth, both at the local and the national levels. (Source: UN). 



09.45 AM: Registration

10.00 AM: Welcome & Introduction   

10.20 AM: Welcome & Introduction to AFRICA INNOVATION NETWORK®
/ CEO (Mr.) Flemming Sørensen, Nordic-African Consultancy

10.30 AM: Introduction to seminar topic.
/ Director (Ms.) Charlotte Gloerfelt-Tarp, Nordic-African Consultancy

Urbanisation in AFRICA

10.40 AM: /TBA

Lunch & Networking

12.00 PM: Lunch & networking

12.30 PM: Company case: /TBA
/ CEO 

1.00 PM: Company case: /TBA
/ CEO 

Networking break

1.30 PM: Coffee & networking break

1.45 PM: Company case: /TBA
/ CEO  

2.15 PM: Case: Company case: /TBA
/ CEO   

Networking break

2.45 PM: Coffee & networking break

3.15 PM: Company case: /TBA
/ CEO 


3.45 PM: Takeaways

After the programme, we encourage all participants to stay for networking and buzzing.


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Venue, Sign up and Price

Participants fee:


EURO 350 ex. VAT pr. person.

(Participants fee will be deducted in an afterwards membership of AFRICA INNOVATION NETWORK®. Members of AFRICA INNOVATION NETWORK® participate free of charge).




At seminar, we:

  • Explore key potentials, trends, developments, opportunities and challenges related to Nordic-African business operations.
  • Showcase innovative and sustainable Nordic businesses, operating across Africa, and dig into their strategies, business models and external funding.
  • Provide a forum for connecting with like minded companies or potential collaborators, regardless of your current stage of doing business in Africa.
  • Offer all participants an opportunity to meet representatives from the African diplomatic corps in the Nordics.


Participants are encouraged to share their practical experiences and ideas. Presentations are followed by Q&As and exchanges. During the seminar, we ensure breaks for networking and discussion. Snacks, water, coffee and tea are available throughout the day. A light meal is provided as well.

Sign up:

Director, AFRICA INNOVATION NETWORK®, Ms. Charlotte Gloerfelt-Tarp: cgt@nordic-african.com
CEO, AFRICA INNOVATION NETWORK®, Mr. Flemming Soerensen; fls@nordic-african.com